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The news to keep in mind if you travel to Italy in October and November 2020

Here are the main innovations of the new DPCM of the Italian Government, to be memorized for those traveling to Italy
The news to keep in mind if you travel to Italy in October and November 2020
The news to keep in mind if you travel to Italy in October and November 2020

The Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, in the night between 24 and 25 October, signed the new DPCM to contain the surge in infections from Covid-19. The provision entered into force today, Monday October 26, and will remain valid until November 24. There are no restrictions on entry into Italy for those coming from Switzerland at the moment. For those who go to Italy, it is advisable to visit, close to the trip, the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where it is possible to find and download the necessary self-certifications for those entering Italy, the safe travel site and the site of the region (s) where you intend to stay. In this regard, it should be noted that individual regions may adopt measures that are different from each other and more restrictive than those provided for at a national level.

The main innovations of the new DPCM can be summarized as follows:

  • It is strongly recommended to all natural persons not to travel by public or private means of transport, except for work, study, or health reasons;
  • Movements between regions remain free;
  • The public places (bars and restaurants) may remain open every day including weekends and holidays until 6.00 pm;
  • Closing of gyms and swimming pools;
  • Suspension of cinema and theater activities;
  • As regards the school, the didactic and educational activity for the first cycle of education and for the educational services for children is expected to continue to take place in the presence. While secondary school institutions of the second degree will adopt flexible methods in organizing teaching activities, increasing the use of integrated digital teaching, for a share of at least 75% of the activities.

Here is the complete text of the New DPCM and its attachments.

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