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Aid for people in grip of poverty (11.5 million francs)

In Switzerland, the coronavirus pandemic has aggravated the financial situation of those affected by poverty, a scourge that has also become more visible in our country. By the end of 2020, the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) supported 14,000 people in difficulty with a total financial contribution of 11.5 million francs. The CRS stopped disbursement of aid at the end of the year once the available funds were exhausted.
Aid for people in grip of poverty (11.5 million francs)
Aid for people in grip of poverty (11.5 million francs)

Poverty usually manifests itself after some time, once people have exhausted all ways to move forward. They shop less, save on food, postpone medical visits, and seek help from the family. But with the coronavirus everything went faster: in March 2020, the crisis triggered by the pandemic hit many people who until then lived on the poverty line and who from one day to the next found themselves in economic hardship. We are talking about freelancers who have seen all mandates vanish, of people who receive a salary by the hour or who work on call. But also of those who work in sectors characterized by low wages such as catering or the retail trade and of all those who even before the crisis lived below or just above the poverty line. All victims of the coronavirus emergency who from one day to the next could no longer afford to make the necessary expenses.

Help is still needed

Single or repeated contributions such as the immediate help of the CRS can allow you to overcome moments of difficulty and breathe a sigh of relief for a moment. But they are not enough, since the economic consequences of the pandemic have the greatest impact on those who, even before the crisis, could only count on a small budget. According to Markus Mader, director of the Swiss Red Cross: «For many categories, one-off aid will not be enough. This is the case of the working poor, of those who work with pay hourly, and again, of families, single parents, refugees, sans papiers but also freelancers». The SRC, which provides subsidiary aid and cannot take on tasks pertaining to the state, calls for measures to be devised to provide systematic support to people affected by poverty and low income in Switzerland, whose situation has precipitated with the pandemic of coronavirus. As required by the Federal Constitution and the law, the Confederation and the Cantons must take steps to ensure that these people not only receive a single contribution, but are instead helped during the entire crisis and, if necessary, even afterwards.

With 2 x Christmas, the help doesn't stop

The 2 x Christmas initiative encourages the population to pack packages of basic necessities to donate to those living in precarious situations in Switzerland. Packages can be sent free of charge by post until January 11, 2021. They can contain products such as baby food, flour, sugar, jam, honey and other long-life items as well as products for body hygiene. The collected goods are distributed to people affected by poverty in Switzerland.

By offering a virtual package, you go to the aid of the most vulnerable families in Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan.

2 x Natale is organized in collaboration by Coop, SRG SSR, Swiss Post and the Swiss Red Cross.

More information at: 2xnoel.ch 


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