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Who we are

Tuttoitalia GmbH was founded in Zurich in 2003 as the first online newspaper in Italian. In addition to the columns in the newspaper, Tuttoitalia deals with communicating on behalf of companies that promote products and services aimed at Italians in Switzerland and Swiss enthusiasts of Italy. Every year, Tuttoitalia is the Media Partner of the most important Italian events and concerts taking place in Switzerland and is present on site with a reference stand. It is therefore the ideal platform to represent the Italian spirit in Switzerland to readers, users and customers who all share a passion for Made in Italy.

“Our vision is the promotion of Italian artisans abroad through the newspaper Tuttoitalia

In addition to informing our readers about news regarding the world of Italian music and gastronomy, we enhance the Italian territory, proposing destinations and places to visit depending on the time of year.

We promote your event through web channels, events and networking.

Web channels:
- banner on the online portal www.tuttoitalia.ch
- editorial articles + interview with journalist
- newsletter
- quizzes and questions within ours online competitions
- socialmedia (posts and stories) on our instagram and facebook

Event channel:
- flyering, dedicated roll-up and slide projection on our TV during concerts

Networking channels:
- disclosure of the event to our Italian customers and partners
- involvement of cultural and institutional partners