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Ciao Gigi! In Rome today a special tribute to the deceased great Master Gigi Proietti

The procession in the heart of the capital, the memory of friends at the Globe Theater, the funeral in the Church of the Artists. The live broadcast of the funeral of the great Roman actor who died on his eightieth birthday
Ciao Gigi! In Rome today a special tribute to the deceased great Master Gigi Proietti

The Italian capital pays homage to Gigi Proietti, the actor who passed away at dawn on Monday on the day of his eightieth birthday, with a long and touching hug. A last farewell to the streets of the city on the day in which city mourning was proclaimed by the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi and his Rome took to the field with mourning on his arm. The coffin, escorted by the police, left from the Villa Margherita clinic on Nomentana, where the great showman died, reached the Capitol for a greeting, also from the Capitoline Assembly, under the statue of Marcus Aurelius and then continue to the Globe Theater, the Shakespearean theater strongly desired by Gigi Proietti which will be named after the actor. Then the funeral, armored and in a strictly private form due to the Covid emergency at the Church of the Artists. It will only be postponed to better times the crowd bath of a people who loved and followed Gigi Proietti in the theater, on television, in the cinema. The ceremony was broadcast live on Rai1.

The long applause in the Globe theater he founded

In his "his of him" theater At the Globe Theater, the Elizabethan theater that he created and guided for 17 years in the heart of Villa Borghese and which now bears his name, a long applause greeted the arrival of the coffin surmounted by a wreath of red roses. One after another they took the stage next to the coffin covered with red roses: Marisa Laurito, Pino Quartullo, Valentina Marziale (the first Juliet at the Globe), Paola Cortellesi ("listening to you, as a child I thought that Hamlet was such a happy story" , he tells); Enrico Brignano in tears who, he admits, "after you are not there" is unable to put the word "more"; Walter Veltroni, who recalls the irony but also the political cultural commitment. In what will be called Teatro Gigi Proietti, the coffin was placed on the stage amidst the emotion and thunderous applause of those present, interminable, among four representatives of the police, including two local police officers in full uniform.

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