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Dignity and stolen rights, we don't give up! The Family Defense Committee starts a Crowdfunding

A cry for help from the Family Defense Committee (Comitato Difesa Famiglie - www.c-d-f.ch) established in 2009 by forty Italian pensioners deceived and robbed by the director of the INCA-CGIL Patronage Antonio Giacchetta. Now the committee appeals to the web and starts a fundraiser
Dignity and stolen rights, we don't give up! The Family Defense Committee starts a Crowdfunding
Dignity and stolen rights, we don't give up! The Family Defense Committee starts a Crowdfunding

Dear Ladies, Dear Sirs,

Our association "Family Defense Committee" was founded in 2009 after learning that fifty Italians in Switzerland (including my father) had lost their pension forever, robbed by an employee of the Italian CGIL union in Zurich. Since then our struggle has often been compared to that of David and Goliath.

Over the past decade, our association has helped many of those affected to enforce their rights and get their pensions repaid. In addition, the person responsible for the scam Antonio Giacchetta was sentenced to several years in prison. In a first phase, our case was emphasized in many newspapers (including major ones), which encouraged us to continue our battle. Our efforts were then crowned by a victory, albeit partial, when some of the victims saw their pension repayments from the pension fund, which had unduly paid their contributions to third parties. Instead, to protect the other fraudsters, it was necessary to conduct lawsuits against the big banks, which unfortunately have never seen the light of day, given that they are legally unbreakable.

So that the remaining robbed seniors could then get their pension, for a period our attention turned exclusively to the CGIL union itself. However, despite having won the case in the Federal Court, the union filed for bankruptcy, so our efforts were more than in vain. All to be redone for those workers condemned to live without a pension.

Since the union can no longer be prosecuted in Switzerland - despite having simply reopened 100 meters from its original location, with the same staff and always under the umbrella of the "protection of workers' rights" - we tried to proceed legally in Italy. We won the case in the first instance in the court of Rome. The response of the CGIL was not long in coming, which immediately presented the appeal.

After more than ten years and numerous legal proceedings, the funds to support our legal costs are now scarce. For this reason we have started a crowdfunding campaign (fundraising). To continue taking legal action, we depend on your financial resources. I would therefore like to send you the crowdfunding link combined with the request to check if you want to participate. Thanks a lot in advance for every contribution. I would also be very grateful if you could share the crowdfunding link with your friends.

Thanks in advance from all our associates

Marco Tommasini
President of the Family Defense Committee


Problems we want to solve

Our association is based on the voluntary work of family members and friends of the victim. Costs are kept as low as possible. The Catholic Church provides us with meeting rooms for free. However, it doesn't work without money. Our lawyer obliged us by charging the lowest rate level. The total legal costs therefore amount to 15,200 euros. The first installment of 7,000 euros is due at the start of the process

What support do we need?

In order to be able to successfully complete the proceedings in the second and last resort, with this campaign we are collecting CHF 7,000 to be able to pay legal fees. Thanks for your donation! Important: We have received feedback that there may be problems with payments with the Firefox browser. We therefore ask you to use a different browser (Chrome, Safari, Explorer etc.) for payments by credit card. If you prefer a payment slip, please send an email with your name and address to: can.bueyuekvardar@icareforyou.ch

Official site: www.c-d-f.ch

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