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Padrenostro, (Our Father) a film about terrorism told by those who suffered it

Even in cinemas in German-speaking Switzerland, Claudio Noce's film is a personal look at the story that the father of the same director, the magistrate Alfonso Noce, was the target of a terrorist attack by the NAR in which he was directly involved.
Padrenostro, (Our Father) a film about terrorism told by those who suffered it
Padrenostro, (Our Father) a film about terrorism told by those who suffered it

Rome, 1976. Valerio is ten, likes to go his own way and often withdraws into a fantasy world. There is a shooting in front of the house where he lives with his family. His father, vice-police chief, is the target of a terrorist attack and is injured. Valerio watches part of the action. However, his parents believe that he has not noticed and are doing everything to keep it that way. During these difficult days, Valerio gets to know the somewhat older, rebellious and cheeky Christian. This seems to come out of nowhere - and it suddenly reappears when Valerio's family traveled to southern Italy, far from the depressing situation in Rome. Meeting Christian in a summer full of discovery will change Valerio's life forever ...

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"Padrenostro" is set in Italy in the 1970s, a time of social and political turmoil. Director Claudio Noce was a little over a year old when his father, who is responsible for counterterrorism in Lazio, was injured in an attack against him. So «Padrenostro» is autobiographically inspired and rooted in the history of Italy, but Claudio Noce focuses on topics that are as universal as they are timeless: the relationship between father and son, a boy's view of the adult world, the power of friendship. An excellently made film that was awarded at the Venice Festival - atmospherically dense, gripping, excellently played.
Venice 2020 - Coppa Volpi - Best Actor

In which cinema will the film be shown:

Aarau, Freier Film
19 Jun. 20:30 I/d

Acquarossa, Cinema Teatro Blenio
5 Jun. 20:30 I

Airolo, Cinema Leventina
12 Jun. 20:30 I

Bern, CineMovie
10 Jun. 12:00 I/d/f
11 Jun. 12:00 I/d/f
12 Jun. 12:00 I/d/f
13 Jun. 12:00 I/d/f
14 Jun. 12:00 I/d/f
15 Jun. 12:00 I/d/f
16 Jun. 12:00 I/d/f

Biel/Bienne, Lido
17 Jun. 17:45 I/d/f

Biel/Bienne, Rex
10 Jun. 12:15 I/d/f
11 Jun. 12:15 I/d/f
12 Jun. 12:15 I/d/f
13 Jun. 12:15 I/d/f
14 Jun. 12:15 I/d/f
15 Jun. 12:15 I/d/f
16 Jun. 12:15 I/d/f

Lugano, Cinema Iride
5 Jun. 20:45 I
6 Jun. 20:45 I

Luzern, stattkino
24 Jun. 18:30 I/d/f
26 Jun. 18:30 I/d/f
28 Jun. 18:30 I/d/f
30 Jun. 18:30 I/d/f

St. Gallen, Kinok - Cinema in der Lokremise
18 Jun. 20:30 I/d/f
19 Jun. 18:30 I/d/f
22 Jun. 14:00 I/d/f
26 Jun. 18:40 I/d/f
28 Jun. 20:30 I/d/f

Uster, Qtopia
5 Jul. 18:00 I/d/f
6 Jul. 20:30 I/d/f

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