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Cittadini del Mondo (Citizens of the world), at the cinema & win tickets

Attilio, Giorgetto and the Professor are three very different elderly people but with a very similar destiny. On the eve of retirement and little stimulated by everyday life, the three decide to leave Rome to embark on an adventurous journey.
Cittadini del Mondo (Citizens of the world), at the cinema & win tickets

When "Cittadini del Mondo" was released in Swiss cinemas on 12 March, the "lock down" sadly overshadowed the film. The planned trip into the distance of the three elderly, protagonists in the film, was prematurely interrupted and postponed. Now the fascinating Romans Attilio, Giorgetto and Professore can resume their search for a place that will lead them to a new life.

From August 27th "Cittadini del Mondo" will return to theaters and delight audiences with lots of humor and profound commentary on city life. As in his previous films, director Gianni Di Gregorio tells of an era that has received little attention in today's society and culture. We are also very pleased to announce the screening of a special edition premiere on Thursday 27 August at 8.15pm at the Arthouse Le Paris cinema in Zurich. Following will be a discussion with Gianni di Gregorio via Skype.

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