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Tony Driver is out in theaters

Pasquale Donatone a émigré de l'Italie du Sud vers les États-Unis avec sa famille lorsqu'il avait neuf ans au milieu des années 1960.
Tony Driver is out in theaters
Tony Driver is out in theaters

One day Pasquale decides to change his name, he becomes Tony. Born in Bari, Madonnella neighbourhood, aged 9, in the mid-sixties he migrated with his family to the US and grew up like a true American. Rockabilly and hot dogs included. He never returned to Italy till the day when, at that point a professional taxi driver, an anti-immigration blitz at the Mexican border forced him to choose: jail in Arizona, or deportation to Italy for 10 years. His crime? Smuggling illegal migrants into the US, on board his taxi. Tony opts for deportation.

Back in Italy, with his American dream laying in pieces, he’s completely alone in what he defines “another planet”, a small, still Country with no opportunities. On the desolating backdrop of where he lives next to the motorway, Tony still wears his cowboy hat and doesn’t seem willing to give up...

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