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Da Vinci Experience in Lugano, a digital immersion in Leonardo's mind

The Da Vinci Experience, an immersive multimedia exhibition conceived to tell the genius of Leonardo, his art and the multiple applications of his genius, has started with great public success. Suitable for all ages, the exhibition will be open every day at the Lugano Exhibition Center from 3 December 2020 until 21 February 2021.
Da Vinci Experience in Lugano, a digital immersion in Leonardo's mind
Da Vinci Experience in Lugano, a digital immersion in Leonardo's mind

Leonardo Da Vinci, icon of the Renaissance, one of the most brilliant masters in history, is told through a sensory journey created specifically to live and feel art through projections and full HD 360 °videos, to confront the experience of reality virtual and to touch his great inventions in real scale.

VR Experience

The "Da Vinci VR Experience" application, created specifically for the exhibition, will allow visitors to enter the tank designed by Leonardo by interacting with its mechanisms, to navigate with the paddle boat, and to fly over the magnificent Renaissance Florence with the aerial screw and the ornithopter, all while wearing "special" glasses.


From 3 December 2020 to 21 February 2021


Open every day
Monday - Friday from 13.00 to 19.00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: from 10.00 to 20.00


Full: CHF 20.00
Reduced Student / AHV / Groups / AI CHF 16.00
Reduced Children (from 6 to 15 years): CHF 10.00
Family package (2 adults and 2 children): CHF 55.00
0-5 years: free admission


Discounted rates for children and schools, the latter privileged by exclusive access times and packages with free companions, to encourage a new way of learning art and stimulate creativity immersed in a wonderful world of sounds and colors.


The exhibition takes place in full compliance with anti Covid 19 regulations, customers are asked to wear the mask before entering the exhibition and to keep it worn throughout the stay (masks can also be purchased on site). The inflows and outflows will be regulated in order to avoid gatherings. Access will be restricted according to federal directives.


Skip the line by purchasing tickets in advance at www.ticketcorner.ch and www.biglietteria.ch or offline at MANOR, La Posta and Coop City.

Official site:www.davinciexperience.ch

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