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Andrea Pucci returns to Switzerland with five dates

The new show by Andrea Pucci "THE BEST OF ..." in five unmissable dates: Basel, Bern, Locarno and twice Zurich in 2022
Andrea Pucci returns to Switzerland with five dates
Andrea Pucci returns to Switzerland with five dates


"Il meglio di..."

by and with Andrea Baccan
With the participation of the ZURAWSKI Live Band. Directed by Dino Pecorella

His New One-man show will be a work in progress retracing OUTSIDE THE THEATRICAL SCHEMES the schecks that have made him famous in recent years up to now, making the audience participate, all accompanied by the Zurawski live band.

When Pucci has to open a door and cannot find the keys, he wastes no time looking for them, he breaks down the door with a kick! The noise he generates is not the typical "crash" of breaking wood but that of a thunderous laugh. Andrea Baccan, (aka PUCCI), makes the fatigue of life exhilarating for those who, at 50, find themselves interacting with new and incomprehensible fashions, new technologies, with their daughter's school and the devastating and expensive extracurricular activities without neglecting the ailments of the half-century that he carries on his shoulders, forced to undergo clinical examinations and physical exercises, to remain vital in a world where until recently useless and ridiculous things have become indispensable.

The Italian comedian with the most pressing rhythms and "continuous cycle" energy, avoids political satire, preferring that of costume, everyday life is the central argument: "I don't tolerate when you go to a pizzeria to get pizzas from take home to friends: you are there alone and you order 3 Daisies, 2 four seasons, 1 with mushrooms and 3 naples and the pizza chef says to you: "to take away?" »-« no, I'll eat them all! watch to drink only a glass of water !. I don't tolerate when you go to the airport, at the check-in desk you deliver two tickets and the clerk tells you: are you two? " - "No there are 38 of us, now the bus is coming".

Andrea Pucci breaks through the absurd doors that must be overcome every day to return home safe and sound from the energetic and devastating comedy.

Tour in Switzerland


Wednesday 9 March 2022
8 pm - Musical Theater - Buy Tickets


Thursday 10 March 2022
8 pm - Theater National - Buy tickets


Saturday 19 March 2022
8.30 pm - Palazzetto Fevi - Buy tickets


Friday 22nd April 2022
8 pm - Volkshaus - Buy tickets


Saturday 23 April 2022
8 pm - Volkshaus - Buy tickets

All the dates of Andrea Pucci in Switzerland

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