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Mario Parisi the picture novelist, professional photographer from Winterthur

A great photographer for over 30 years, who thanks to his sensitivity has managed to capture the most intimate nuances of his clients
Mario Parisi the picture novelist, professional photographer from Winterthur
Mario Parisi the picture novelist, professional photographer from Winterthur

Mario Parisi, was born in Buccino in the province of Salerno, and arrived in Switzerland in 1981, precisely in Winterthur and since that day has never returned to live in Italy for the love of his wife he met in Switzerland. He started his Art-Foto-Studio Parisi business in 1985 and later also opened a shop next to the studio. He deals with photographic services of various kinds: from weddings to ceremonies, from fashion to design, advertising and finally photo shoots of bouduars and artistic nudes. Finally, in 1999, he settled in his current location, 250 square meters of space dedicated with love and attention to the shop and the shooting rooms.

Mr. Parisi where does your passion for photography come from?

«I believe that the passion for photography is something innate. I have always had this attitude within me and I believe that a good dose of sensitivity and empathy certainly helps in doing this job. At 12, thanks to a fellow photographer who lent me his Yashica bi-optic camera, I started taking pictures. I define myself a bit like a novelist, who instead of knowing how to use words well, manages to do so with images that represent the mood of the people I shoot and to describe their most intimate emotions. I like to talk to my clients before a shooting to put them at ease, only in this way can you bring out the true energy ».

Foto Studio Parisi Winterthur Familien Photograf

What does boudoir style mean to you? ‍

«For me it is the maximum expression of the woman, of her sensuality and of her body, never in a vulgar way. Once, years ago, women had more time for their own personal care, there was not all this stress today and she could devote herself more to herself and her well-being. In her room there used to be a small table and a mirror where she could do her make-up and arrange to make herself beautiful for herself and then for her man. Thus, I portray women in underwear and lingerie and then move on to another great passion of mine, the artistic nude. Like a painting without a frame, the nude is the expression par excellence of the deepest and purest intimacy of the person ".

What do you like to photograph the most?

«What I like most is the artistic nude and the boudoir. Through a look, a pose, a smile I can capture the emotion of the person, regardless of gender and I believe that to be able to do this job well, you need to be able to live with intense emotions and be able to grasp them in the photographed subjects. Normally I photograph in the studio, but also outdoors, it depends on the will of the client. There are beauticians who take care of preparing the make-up and wigs, while we can supply underwear as the customers can bring it directly, this can be chosen. I also worked a lot for luxury events, for example I happened to follow a Ferrari tour in Switzerland that lasted a weekend ».

Foto Studio Parisi Winterthur Hochzeit Photograf

Art-Foto-Studio Parisi di Mario e Angela Parisi
Schützenstr. 81
CH-8400 Winterthur
Tel. 052 203 36 60
Fax: 052 203 37 38

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