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Lavazza Calendar, The New Humanity 2021

With the 2021 calendar, Lavazza has set itself the goal of building a bridge between people, bringing them closer thanks to the universal language of art and touching the heart of each of us, to stimulate reflection on the search for a "New Humanity" .
Lavazza Calendar, The New Humanity 2021
Lavazza Calendar, The New Humanity 2021

The project "The New Humanity 2021", conceived and implemented under the creative direction of the Armando Testa agency, proposes a set of original artistic contributions by

  • photographers
  • musicians
  • designers
  • architects
  • characters involved in social work

After six years dedicated to environmental sustainability, therefore, today the Lavazza Calendar is man at the center to emphasize the central issue that the pandemic has exposed to our eyes: social sustainability.

Limited edition calendar and magazine

The project is divided into a calendar and a magazine, for the first time available to the public all over the world, in a limited edition, through a fundraising activity in support of Save The Children, the NGO of which Lavazza is partner for almost 20 years, which for over 100 years has been fighting to save children at risk and to guarantee them a future.

In the calendar, thirteen masters of photography report their own vision of humanity today in thirteen evocative images that appeal to our sensitivity so that everyone seeks within themselves new ways to rediscover the essence of man and being a community.

The New Humanity 2021 is a concept born during the spring 2020 lockdown, when Lavazza decided to take a stand, entrusting communication with the role of spokesperson for universal values ​​indispensable for a future of humanity's rebirth, in a scenario of prolonged emergency. global. Since then The New Humanity has been shaping and inspiring Lavazza's communication projects, in a coherent, integrated and internationally developed path: a narrative trend that has been transformed in the 2021 Calendar into a multidisciplinary artistic project that brings together artists from different backgrounds.

"The New Humanity 2021 represents for Lavazza not only a narrative trend, but an artistic avant-garde for which we wanted people from the Lavazza universe and beyond" - says Francesca Lavazza, Board Member Lavazza Group - "We thus created a choral work of images and ideas created by an invisible network of different artists, but united by the aim of inspiring suggestions and ideas, with their sensitivity and their talent, which can stimulate a reflection on universal values, the true essence of the Human Being”.

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