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Benji is back as B3N with his debut album "California"

Benjamin Mascolo's debut solo album "California" is out now - artist name B3N - former idol of former duo Benji & Fede.
Benji is back as B3N with his debut album "California"
Benji is back as B3N with his debut album "California"


Benji really starts again from himself and does it with 6 tracks that tell a lot of what he experienced after the split from his historic friend Fede but which contain, in addition to the past, also the future: a gritty future under the Californian sun in the company of his girlfriend, Hollywood star Bella Thorne.

In video chat from Los Angeles, Benji - after his last interview in Zurich in 2019 - again talked about his new album with us at Tuttoitalia.

Benji in the last interview done here in Zurich, you told me that your goal was to live with music: you explained it well in your song "Ricomincio" in which a certain anger transpires for those who doubted you. After the release of this album and the success already achieved with the views on social media, how do you feel? I think I have had my personal revenge but not towards others, towards myself. Often I did not consider myself up to par only for the lack of believing in my possibilities. The song is certainly a therapeutic outlet as music has always been for me: if I have to choose how to vent and demonstrate what I feel, I use music as a means of interpretation. In particular, with this song I bring out many things that I have experienced without denying anything. I think I have grown from the last experiences, even if facing them was not easy.

Instead in “Marilyn Monroe” - a jaunty piece that smells of summer Hit - songs by Rolling Stone, Warhol, Marilyn: are the myths always from the last century and have not yet been replaced? Being at the beginning of the century, there is still time to give birth to someone who is considered a myth. Yes, I recognize them in the artists of another era. Many people like Marilyn Monroe, I think it's a candidate piece for the summer, I will definitely rate it.

Do you always follow the trend of Italian music? Yes, I listened to the songs of Sanremo, I really like Irama's song and I think Maneskin were really good. In general, I found good music in the last edition.

In the album, in addition to the themes of escape and love, there is a subject dear to several authors, namely female fragility. There are those who called her Sally or Silvia ... you called her Sara. Where does the need to write these very strong words come from? I tried to give a voice to a woman who doesn't have a voice. Fragility, violence against women is a topic that I can finally discuss by giving it a broad breath on those platforms, on social media, which have given me visibility and have seen me grow musically over the years. It is a useful way to draw attention to a topic that is often silenced by those who feel fragile or weak due to the violence they have suffered. It is my way to help and give strength to those who believe they cannot do it or can denounce.

You always have a lot of views in fact. At the moment the video “Until the stars shine” shot in Milan with Bella Thorne has over 800 thousand views. You live in California, in the video you sing “a thousand miles from home” but where do you feel most at home? I feel at home where the people I love are. I grew up in Modena where there are family and my friends and for me it is my first home but in reality I feel the need to build a family here. After all, when there are the right people around you feel good about yourself and consider yourself at home.

In short, is it your nest to hide in? Here are some ideals of freedom that I particularly feel but I think it is more mental than physical freedom. Everyone should have a place to take refuge and feel free even without necessarily leaving with 12 hours of time zone. Sometimes the ideal place to feel good is even just the soccer field under the house ...

We keep talking about bonds. In a comment to the video shot with Bella, someone wrote "Ben and Bella are keen to make me feel more single than usual": it means that your love shines through the song and the video. A good teamwork between you and her... We had a great time, we have both a good personal and working relationship. We also shot a film together - she will be released at the end of this year - and she helped me a lot by reassuring me. In addition to the feelings that bind us, it is really important to find meeting points also at work and it is from these solid foundations that I would like to create a family with Bella. I don't want to create envy - for heaven's sake - but I find it a nice compliment because you can see how well we are together.

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