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What a pride! Congratulations Maneskin

The Maneskins are conquering Europe! You will triumph at Eurovision 2021 with "Shut up and good". "We just want to say to Europe, to everyone:" Il Rock and Roll non morirà mai! ", Rock and Roll will never die! Damiano shouts from the stage. The Maneskin, a beautiful promise of Italian music, with this victory they have made Europe public.
What a pride! Congratulations Maneskin
What a pride! Congratulations Maneskin

The Maneskin, a beautiful promise of Italian music, with this victory they have made Europe public. The rock band was formed in Rome in 2016, the four members were all born in Rome. Damiano David (1999) singer and front man, Victoria De Angelis (2000) on bass, Thomas Raggi (2001) on guitar and Ethan Torchio (2000) on drums.

In 2017 in Italy they became famous after taking part in the "X Factor talent show" where they finished second. Already in 2018 they received double platinum records and in February 2021 they won in San Remo, so they represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

We can find her everywhere from Facebook to Twitter, from Instagram to YouTube and of course on her official website. We would like to resume some parts of the interview that our journalist Gloria Bressan received on the occasion of her live concert in Zurich in February 2019 during her European tour "The Dance of Life".

"No comparison, we are unique!"

It is difficult to categorize the Måneskin: they are not reminiscent of the Beatles, but not even the Rolling Stones. You basically don't resemble anyone but yourself. It is pointless to look for a common determiner to understand who "reminds" us, because if they managed to break into the Italian music scene in a few months and earn platinum records, the motivation is only in one word to find: talent.

Even their image, from heavy make-up to flashy and bold outfits, only serves as an accompaniment to emphasize their uniqueness. The earnings also increased through the birth years of the members from 1999 to 2001. They are the millennials ready to break through and take over.

Folks of online commenting on your videos, there's a general buzz that makes your fans ask you a lot, "But what are you doing in Italy? You're an artist who could break through in the US ...". What do you think of these considerations? Damiano «Maybe! Seriously, the first market we entered is Italian and we need to try to solidify our experience here before looking elsewhere. We dream big, but everything has to take its course. American discography is the top of a band, but the main thing we think about is improving and developing certainties ».

So the top priority is to amaze the listener by experimenting? Victoria: «Mainly we try to surprise the audience by trying to be ourselves and producing our music without neglecting the satisfaction we have to do with what we are doing. Ethan and Thomas: The goal is also to overcome our limits, expand the way we communicate and satisfy an ever wider audience. We also try to vary in different music genres without restricting ourselves to rock or funky ».

Read the full interview with Maneskin on February 9, 2019 in Zurich, (only in Italian)

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