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Giovanni Malagò re-elected President of CONI

The National Council of CONI re-elected Giovanni Malagò to head the Italian National Olympic Committee for the four-year period 2021-2024. Soon the work for the programming of the Italian youth games in Switzerland can be resumed (photo Simone Ferraro)
Giovanni Malagò re-elected President of CONI
Giovanni Malagò re-elected President of CONI

Giovanni Malagò was confirmed at the helm of CONI for the next four years. Malagò, who has been in office since February 19, 2013, was re-elected by a large majority by the National Council, which met this morning in Milan at the Bonacossa tennis club, where - 75 years ago (on July 27, 1946 to be precise) - Giulio Onesti was elected elected for the first time at the head of the organization. The president - in the assembly chaired by the honorary member of the IOC, Franco Carraro - received 55 votes (79.71% of the valid preferences), overcoming the challenger Renato Di Rocco, the former president of Federciclismo, who received 13 votes (18, 84) received%) and the cycling Olympiad Antonella Bellutti with one vote (1.45%).

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Malagò, 61, is in his third term at the helm of the Italian National Olympic Committee. As of today he is the third oldest president in the history of CONI after Giulio Onesti and Gianni Petrucci. "I will not spare myself repaying those who have expressed their confidence in me and those who have voted for the challengers. At this particularly complex moment, I want to continue to honor a world that I believe to be mine and for whom I have made a commitment that I have shown to respect. There is no more beautiful role than that of President of CONI. You are my family and you will always find me on the same page. "

CONI is represented in a number of countries abroad, including Switzerland, where a delegation (www.conisvizzera.ch) made up of sport-loving volunteers works for the benefit of the local Italian community. The most important and recurring event for over thirty years has been the youth games, which are currently paralyzed (given the current situation we are in). The sports and cultural event brings together around 400 young athletes aged 8 to 14 of Italian origin from all over Switzerland. With the renewed confirmation of the assignment to President Giovanni Malagò, work on programming the youth games can be resumed. In fact, there are numerous local preselections for disciplines such as athletics, soccer, and swimming.

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