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Vespa 946 Christian Dior, the birth of a new icon

Odyssey, style, dreams and "joie de vivre". Dior and Vespa collaborate in the creation of an exclusive scooter, celebrating the solar spirit and the art of fully experiencing the emotions that the two icons emanate
Vespa 946 Christian Dior, the birth of a new icon
Vespa 946 Christian Dior, the birth of a new icon

Both founded in the same year, 1946, the Italian brand and the Parisian Maison share the desire to inspire an innovative, luminous and creative vision of the world. Today more than ever, the collaboration between Dior and Vespa reinvents the spirit of freedom, movement and expression at the base of the two brands.

From this passionate confrontation, the Vespa 946 Christian Dior comes to life, whose monocoque frame and delicate graphic lines pay homage to the heritage of the two houses. A symbol of elegance, this object of desire reflects the common commitment to excellence in savoir-faire and attention to detail shared by the two brands. This modern version of the iconic Vespa 946 presented in 2012 in Milan and characterized by the elegance and minimalism of the lines and technological innovation, was redesigned for the occasion by Maria Grazia Chiuri, Creative Director of the Dior women's collections. The scooter will be produced in Italy, with the care, dedication and precision of a fashion atelier.

Inspired by the saddle design, the top box decorated with the Dior Oblique motif (designed by MarcBohan in 1967) has been specially designed to be fixed to the luggage rack, giving a unique style to this model. A helmet decorated with the same iconic motif completes the exclusive line of accessories. Symbols of escape to new horizons, these limited edition creations will be available from spring 2021 in Dior boutiques around the world and subsequently in selected Motoplex flagship stores of the Piaggio Group. The accessories, including the helmet and the top case, will be available exclusively in Dior boutiques.

Michele Colaninno (CEO of the Immsi Group and Head of Piaggio product and marketing strategies)
“In a difficult moment like the present one, it's nice to be able to dream of a better future. The Christian Dior atelier in Paris was inaugurated in 1946, the same year as the Vespa's debut in Italy. This new Vespa 946 celebrates that anniversary and pays tribute to our heritage. Today, as then, we have gone through a dark period and now we are joining forces to share a little "joie de vivre" through a combination of style and craftsmanship. This partnership between Vespa and Dior is a celebration of beauty. "

Pietro Beccari (President and CEO of Christian Dior Couture) "This collaboration with Vespa pays homage to the unparalleled charm of the Italian Riviera that so fascinated Christian Dior. The style of the Dolce Vita has never ceased to infuse its own elegant spirit into the haute couture models of the Designer, a solar magic that today more than ever is perpetuated in the collections of Maria Grazia Chiuri. This special partnership between these two extraordinary houses in the name of passion, excellence and the art of living, offers the opportunity to reaffirm the bond that inspires and unites Dior to Italian culture ".

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